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At the moment of developing a poster that is really effective, graphic designers are the professionals to turn to. The decisions involved in the design of a poster depend on the client requirements and the designer investigation about the client’s activity and target audience. They will take into account the client preferences and ideas about his specific requirements. But the key aspect at the moment of developing the design is obtaining the most effective and appropriate communicational resolution. An effective poster design is the result of an exhaustive investigation, intelligent decisions on market issues, and the accomplishment of visual interpretation. The effort that is involved in this phase -to find the appropriate graphic identity for a specific company- is of high importance.

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As a first step to start working on the development of a poster with a designer, the client must provide these professionals with his ideas and objectives. Then, a creative team will design the requested poster according to his expectations and needs, using its experience, knowledge, design abilities and creative talent in order to properly reflect the client’s graphic identity and activity. Besides, since a poster is a mass reaching graphic piece that is supposed to cause a change of attitude and draw the cosumer’s attention, it is essential to take into account the poster target audience when designing this piece. In this way, the transmission of the message will be successful and the audience will get exactly what the company is trying to convey.

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The function of the professional graphic designer is very important to define a company distinguishing identity. This identity will allow the company to enter the market world with competitive advantage and strength. The designer will help the client to increase his profits through a really impacting poster -a key graphic element for mass dissemination-. The designer will work to obtain a poster that communicates the company message to its target audience clearly so that they get interested in the company products or services.

Graphic design agencies offer packages including several versions of the poster design for the client to choose the one that best satisfies his expectations and needs. These packages generally vary in the number of versions and the quantity of round of revisions.

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